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Remote Control Custom Features and Options- main features page

Key/Button Count

If your application only requires 10 buttons, and you like the design of a remote control with 30 buttons, you can reduce the button/key count down to 10. You can even choose which 10 buttons to use so the layout meets your design requirements. This option is available on most remote control models, and for both low and high volume orders.

Overlays are used to mask-off unwanted buttons/keys on most modes of remote control. We can reduce the key count on a remote by removing the rubber button (either cutting them off in post manufactured units, or not including them in production), and then placing an overlay over the face of the remote that will cover the holes in the top housing case.

Not all remotes are designed to accept overlays. Generally, remotes that accept overlays have an area surrounding the keys that is slightly recessed so that the overlay can fit on the remote, and not protrude above the face of the remote. Some remotes have a combination of button areas, of which a specific group of buttons accept overlays.

Overlays can also contain graphics, labels, logos and other artwork, as well as be produced in a color to match the plastic enclosure of the remote (or any color you choose). Overlays can have multiple colors.
More Samples of Remote Control Overlays    

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